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saint of hopeless(~ ̄▽ ̄)~
ej wracam do różowego✋ps. co ja zawsze robię z tą ręką?🙎
it’s fucking violet
…not blue
Anonim sent: Loving your band! Loving you on drums omg You're perf!

thank you cutie, that’s really nice :3

cheers @fatmikedude 💩 #rebellionfestival #brainsallgone
🔊 rebellion (at Houndshill Shopping Centre)
@majkalski and me👯 (at Nottingham)
ale to dobre👅yummy (at Warsaw Modlin Airport)
on my way to the airport💕✈️ uk



oh my gosh this is my new favorite gif

🌻indie blog🌻

boo #lostsoulsalley 👻
Anonim sent: you and your band are my new queens omg, could I ask how you got into drumming??xx

thank you sweetie, I’m glad you like my band
and simple story: we couldn’t find a drummer girl, so I became one :3 (I’ve been playing guitar when we started Brain’s All Gone)

unaccountedbeauty sent: You're so pretty! I love your hair.

thank you so much :3

Fast Blinking Hello Kitty